Setting up the castle

• Put the castle where you intend to use it.

• Roll the castle out of the bag and look for the air pipe (long PVC pipe, at the back or on the side of the castle).

• Attach the motor to the air pipe and fasten tight. The motor must be upright – standing on its “legs”.

• Attach extension to motor – must be a tripled wired and earthed cord.

• Plug extension directly into the power source and switch on electricity.

• The motor needs to run continuously for the castle to stay inflated.

Folding the castle

• Remove motor from the castle.

• Straighten the air pipe and hold so that the air can escape (tip: let someone walk on the castle and the air will escape faster.

• Most castles with a pond have a short air pipe underneath the pond. Open this air pipe as well.

• Fold all loose parts inwards (steps, walls etc).

• Fold castle into a square.

• Once in a square, fold one end halfway over, fold the other side half way over this, ending in a long, narrow stretch.

• Fold castle in such a way that it ends up narrow and long. (same width as the bag).

• Put bag underneath castle on the one side and roll the castle tightly towards the bag. Do not fold but roll up like a tent (Folding will make it impossible to handle).

• Once inside the bag, close with the attached ropes.