• Electricity keeps on tripping, when motor is switched on.
• Motor starts but cuts out

Do the following to eliminate possible causes/solve the problem: Untie motor from pipe/castle:

  • Take motor and plug directly into power source (no extension or adaptors)
  • Take motor to another power source and plug in (preferably kitchen as the power is strong enough.
  • Plug motor into power source – ensure that no other appliances use the same plug/line.
  • If you do use an extension ensure that the extension is a tripled wired, earthed cord, not longer than 15m (no thin extension eg. white 5m as this causes tripping of motor)

This process determines if the problem is with the power supply, extension, adaptor or the motor.

Jumping Castle

Jumping castle not inflating fully:

  • Check that the pipe underneath the pond is closed properly
  • Check that the air pipe is attached tight to the motor – no air escaping
  • Ensure that air pipe is straight with no obstructions
  • Ensure motor is standing upright
  • Ensure nothing is restricting the air flow to the motor (plants etc)
  • It is normal that bubbles and air escape from the seams
  • Small holes are not a problem. If you can put 2 fingers in a hole please phone us.